That New Fantastic Four Movie Trailer Looks So Familiar...

That New Fantastic Four Movie Trailer Looks So Familiar...

Fantastic Four trailer? Hmm. Haven't I seen that scene before? Oh, yeah! Mass Effect 3!

That New Fantastic Four Movie Trailer Looks So Familiar...

Or was it Halo 3?

That New Fantastic Four Movie Trailer Looks So Familiar...

We're going with coincidence here, right?

No one has a trademark on pillars of light and leaning towers. Although, imagine if they did.


    So does this mean when Marvel fans shit all over the ending of the movie, Fox will release a new ending on BluRay?

    Beams of light shooting up into the sky aren't exactly uncommon in sci fi.

      I'd even go so far as to say you aren't a real sci-fi movie unless you have a beam of light shooting into the sky.

    *sigh* Can we please get some real journalism happening here? Firstly, the conclusion lacks support since one scene is being used to justify the claim that the whole trailer looks familiar (though I guess this simply means that the headline is misleading). Secondly, the whole trailer probably does look familiar because it's hardly innovative and it's done in the same style as countless superhero and/or sci-fi films before it. Lastly, Halo 3 is nowhere near the oldest example of this scene appearing in video games. Basically, this article is pointless filler pointing out that something was done that has been done before. Riveting.

      And also, this is just a repost from Reddit.

    Yeah well since BW ripped it off movies Star Trek 1 and 6 and a thousand other sources I don't see the problem.

    I was going to point out that the light aircraft being sucked up into the blue beam has made many people on the net have flashbacks of "This Island Earth"

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