The Best Gun In Destiny Is On Sale Today

PSA: The Best Gun In Destiny Is On Sale Today

Do you play Destiny? Do you have 17 coins? Do you not have an Ice Breaker yet? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

From today until Sunday morning, the weekend vendor Xur is selling the most useful gun in the game: Ice Breaker, a solar sniper rifle that makes enemies explode and has one of Destiny's craziest perks: "No Backpack: Cannot be reloaded. Regenerates ammo over time."

So, yes. Infinite ammo. You can't just fire the Ice Breaker over and over again — the magazine only has six shots and it takes a few seconds for it to recharge — but this perk is eternally useful in just about every situation. Want to camp on a chandelier while you shoot down a strike boss? Hang out on the ledge and snipe down the Nexus without getting close to it? ICE BREAKER TIME. It might not be as powerful as, say, Gjallarhorn, but with ammo regeneration, it's the most versatile gun in the game — at least for PvE.

If you don't have enough Strange Coins, you've still got time to go and run the Weekly Heroic Strike to get some. Or do a bunch of vanguard playlists and hope you get lucky. (Read all of our advanced Destiny tips right here.) But don't miss out on this one. You never know when Xur might have it again.


    Ive had the ice breaker since the very first Xur sale and can vouch is by far my favourite.

    Being able to have infinite ammo with secondaries is a huge plus (you can charge the ammo then swap to any gun of your choice after you're done sniping of course :)

      Same here! Not my go to sniper in crucible but definitely a strike/raid killer!

    Already had 2 but now I won't have to worry about not having one on me any more will go nicely with my 3 gjallarhorn's

    Bugger. Only got 4 coins.

      Oh no! Do you have 2 characters that can run the Weekly Heroic Strike (level 30) ? They give you 9 Strange Coins per run.

      I went and bought 3 Ice Breakers as soon as Xur started selling them. I've been running Vault of Glass Hard Mode for weeks hoping for a random drop. Now I have 3, sweet!

        I have a level 30 Titan and a level 14 warlock. I did start the weekly heroic on hard with the Titan and got KTO about half way through (Grrrr). Figured if I could do the weekly that gives me 13 then I could be lucky and pick up the other 4 if I do enough public events etc. trouble is, it takes so long doing the weekly solo on hard.

          Yeah, Weekly is difficult solo, even when you are level 30+. If you are on the 360, I'm more than happy to help you. Or look on LFG for like minded people doing the Weekly to get the coins to buy the Ice Breaker :)

          Also, I've heard that if you do the story mission "Scourge of Winter" on Venus (level 12 mission), you get a Coin as a reward, first time per character.

          And one of the Gold Chests on Mars will give you a Coin as well. Once per character.

          Last edited 17/01/15 3:26 pm

    In certain circumstances, I'd actually argue Black Hammer (the new Dark Below Legendary sniper rifle) is better. It only holds three rounds by default, but if you hit three precision shots in a row it completely refills the magazine. It's especially good for bosses with big crit areas like Phogoth . Combined with the high Impact you can just stun lock them. Plus it's a Legendary, so you can run an Exotic Primary or Heavy.

    I do still love my Icebreaker though. It makes soloing most Nightfall a breeze.

    Last edited 17/01/15 3:31 pm

    Gjallahorn is better. And black hammer is a better sniper. But if you can get Ice Breaker you WON'T be disappointed!

    I was away over the weekend. Fortunately, my lovely other half was prepared to go shopping for me on Saturday. Had to talk her through it, but got home late on Sunday night to find my Titan wielding Icebreaker. Very happy. G-horn is the only exotic weapon on myu Must Have list that I don't yet have.

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