Bungie Is Nerfing Destiny 2’s Best Guns, And Players Aren’t Pleased

Bungie Is Nerfing Destiny 2’s Best Guns, And Players Aren’t Pleased

There hasn’t been much to complain about in Destiny 2 recently, which is perhaps why Bungie decided to spice things up yesterday and announce plans to weaken some of the game’s most useful gear, including Whisper of the Worm and Sleeper Simulant. Players are… well… let’s take a look at the Destiny subreddit.


The chaos started when Bungie put up its weekly blog post yesterday, previewing some of the changes that will hit Destiny 2 alongside the newest content update, Season of Opulence, which goes live on June 4.

“For Season of Opulence, several notable weapons are being adjusted,” Bungie’s blogspeople wrote.

“We want to ensure that encounters — raids and other endgame content, for example — remain a challenge. Some of these weapons have been overwhelming that challenge. Our first choice is to buff underused weapons, but if we continue to push every weapon up higher and higher, it will be impossible to maintain challenging experiences.”

The biggest nerf is hitting Whisper of the Worm, one of the most critical guns in the game. Obtained through a radical timed hidden quest, Whisper has a perk that lets you generate free heavy ammo every time you hit three critical shots in a row — a perk that has made it an essential gun for raids and other tough encounters.

When the update hits, that perk won’t be quite as good. Instead of conjuring heavy ammo from the ether, Whisper will now take heavy ammo from your reserves.

Other weakened weapons include the laser rifle Sleeper Simulant and the shotgun Lord of the Wolves, as well as armour with perks restoring energy for your super ability.

Players are not happy. Scroll through the replies to Bungie’s Twitter post announcing the news for a pile of salt that could rival Lot’s wife.

General player consensus appears to be this: Rather than nerfing guns such as Whisper and Sleeper, Bungie should find ways to buff all the other heavy weapons.

That’s easier said than done, of course. As long as Destiny has existed, there have been weapons that threatened to break the game (who else has fond memories of standing on a chandelier and using Ice Breaker to kill that one Cabal boss)?

It’ll be fascinating to see how Bungie, now completely independent of Activision, reacts to this outrage.


    • Sure, you can’t make all the people happy all of the time but no need to exaggerate.
      All we’ve heard of late is how happy everyone is with Destiny 2.
      (Well, before this anyway lol)

      • Replace players with people and that’s society.
        the most vocal few complain loudly to make it seem like there’s an issue whilst those who are happy say nothing because they have nothing to say.

  • In the first game I got the Vex Mythoclast pre nerf and that was undeniably over powered.
    I went to PVP to see just how bad it was and cleaned house, causing multiple rage quits.
    (I sucked at Destiny PVP)

  • Dumb question … but instead of adjusting weapons … why not find the ‘Enemies’ folder, select all, increase damage and heath by 15 percent, save and replace?

    • Because then people with non-OP weapons complain.
      and the nerfs generally aren’t to do with main game content but PVP stuff, where you can get an advantage from grinding for the good stuff which puts off the more casual player base who just want loot or to try something different.

      • Not in this instance.

        All of these announced nerfs are pve related.

        The quoted reason being they can’t add health, because whisper literally invents ammo.

        There is no health value that makes anything other than whisper viable as long as it invents ammo.

        It’s shitty reasoning, because the real problem is they let whisper generate ammo. If they just had crit spots that disappeared… It would solve it instantly.

  • And yet it will be like every other nerf that has ever been, within days/weeks GOOD players will have completely forgotten about the nerfs, they will learned to adjust and find other ways of doing things, while the complainers still wont let go of the thought of it, like a mindless dog with a bone.

    How many times have we seen this cycle in this game, the game before and like every other online game that has ever been.

    • Probably their biggest mistake was doing so many nerfs all at once. Should have drip-fed them over a month or so. But yeah, move on with your lives people.

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