The Surprising Results Of Selective Pokémon Breeding

The Surprising Results of Selective Pokémon Breeding

Is that... a "Chargizard"? Concentrating on recessive genes and breeding Pokémon the Dorkly way might not get you to the end of the game, but it definitely has other advantages.

This special method, you can see it below, works well with starter Pokémon, but what about the ones that are a bit weirder. Koffing? Diglett? Geodude?

The Surprising Results of Selective Pokémon Breeding


    If only.... *sigh* I do this to get superior genes. I maxed out Pokemon X's Time Counter to 999:59

      If you go to the 3DS's activity log you can get a more detailed counter that goes over 1000 hours for games.

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    They left out the last frame where half of his party dies of heart failure before the first gym, and the other half have permanent paralysis by the end of the game due to the crippling arthritis of their shitty joints.

    Selective [in]breeding for physical 'cuteness' attributes FTW!

    [Sorry, I think pug 'breeders' should be forced to only mate with other pug breeders until they breed themselves into sterility]

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      They are corgis

        I know, but I use Pugs as an example of how messed up selective breeding dogs for physical 'cute' traits is. Creates dog's with absolutely horrible health problems.

          My sister has a shih-tzu, and one day it's eye just popped out. Apparently it's a problem with all the 'smashed-face' dogs, pugs included.

          Selective breeding for dogs is just the worst.

            "My sister has a shih-tzu, and one day it's eye just popped out."

            So I go searching on the internet to look this up, thinking how bizarre it would be for your poor old dog's eye to just randomly 'pop out'. I instantly regretted it.

            Warning for the link below: picture is quite graphic for those of you with a weak stomach.


            ... nightmares for life, lol.

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              Yeah. It wasn't just bulging, the whole eye actually popped out. They took her to a vet, and the eye had to be amputated.

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