Tiny Home-Made Computer Runs Doom Too

It's good to know that whenever the apocalypse comes, Doom will still be there with us even in the middle of a nuclear winter. You just need some random techno-junk and the necessary skills — like the ones modder Lutz Latta already has — to assemble a computer capable of running the game.

He used Intel's tiny Edison system, a PS4 controller, a 2.8-inch display and simple speakers to make it work. It really looks like stuff you can loot in Fallout and then sell to a vendor immediately.

Here are some basic instructions in case you want to try building something similar or even smaller. Piece of cake!


    definitely not what i classify as a "home made computer". he is using a commercially produced micro pc, which he has hooked up a small lcd and speaker to on a breadboard test bed...

    My pc is just as "home made" as this one :|

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