What It Sounds Like For Someone To Fart On A Keyboard And Call It A Resident Evil Soundtrack

Video: Ever wanted to know what it sounds like for someone to fart on a keyboard and call it a Resident Evil soundtrack? Your day has come. 1997's Resident Evil: Director's Cut: Dual Shock Version included new music by composer Mamoru Samuragochi. It's mostly good! But this track? Can't explain it.


    He's Japanese, so I'm going to have to lean towards cats on the keyboard.

    Shit, I wasn't expecting just how terrible that was. I can't stop laughing.

    The whole soundtrack was terrible compared to the original. No idea what made them change it.

    I was expecting something worse than that. That actually seemed kinda decent, just stuck with an unfortunate MIDI engine or something.

    >Mamoru Samuragochi

    This guy's a fraud, didn't compose of any of the music credited to him...well maybe this is the one track that he did...


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