42-Player Civilization Game Is Destroying The Planet

42-Player Civilisation Game Is Destroying The Planet

The 42-player, AI-only Civilization game that's currently going down is already one of the most amazing things the Civilization community — no slouches when it comes to weird and wonderful spins on the game — has come up with. In over 20 years playing the series I have never seen anything like this.

Mostly because I've never had a PC that could come close to running such a massive game. 42 Civs, an enormous map, wars constantly being fought, units literally covering the screen... the strain must be enormous.

42-Player Civilisation Game Is Destroying The Planet

But it's worth it. User tpang (the organiser of the war/event) has been documenting the great war, and this has proven to be the best way to keep up to date on what's going on. His galleries, complete with commentary, have been breaking down the major shifts and turns in the conflict, as well as providing images that show the sheer scale of the game.

42-Player Civilisation Game Is Destroying The Planet

I mean, just look at this. And they're still using bowmen and spears. God help them when the tanks start rolling.

To give you a big-picture idea of how things have been shaping up, Vulpes-Vulpes-Fox made this map that showed how things were going as of two days ago.

42-Player Civilisation Game Is Destroying The Planet

If you want to watch the battle unfold, learn a little more about it or even donate to help out, there's more info here.


    That map's for a different megagame that's happening on Reddit's /r/civ.

    Ethopian Australia, fits quite well actually. Interesting to see how this all pans out, though I get the feeling the AI may hit more then a snag or two along the way

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    How powerful is the machine he is running this on? Given its not like time I can't imagine it needs all that much power would it?

      CiV is hideously taxing, not due to detail of units, but the sheer number of units and the complicated calculations being undertaken, for every move, for every civilization, for every turn.

      Plus it has had a history of memory leaks.

      Trust me. This map is probably about 5x larger than the large maps in the game, the number of civ's is about 4x what you can normally have, and every AI is on Deity which means they calculate like chess machines. This HAS to be a super powerful computer.

    Has he just streamed it or are there/will there be videos to go back and watch?

    Would love to have this map on AOE2, would be lots of fun if you could play without lag with 42 players.

    Ah.... that map overview is wrong. For one, a bunch of civs like Spain, Greece and Shoshone aren't even in this. Korea and Nazi Germany are about to be extinct while Canada has the USA wrapped in a belt and Australia pretty much has only WA and the desert left to settle lol :)

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    Its an approximate is my guess. I suppose once one of the nations invents nuclear weapons the whole planet will just blow up. That should be interesting to watch; we almost did it ourselves IRL back in the cold war, guess this multiverse got lucky :)

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