Can't Beat Your Brother At Counter-Strike? Hire A Pro

Can't Beat Your Brother At Counter-Strike? Hire A Pro.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamer Kyente would have had a field day destroying his brother live on his birthday stream, had said brother not tapped CS:GO pro Mitch "DUM0RE" Green to play in his stead. What follows is a gleeful lesson in humility.

Not only does DUM0RE completely trash Kyente in his brother Trel's name during team play, he played like a chump against the rest of Kyente's team to throw him off. Then Kyente challenged his "brother" to a one on one battle, and it's just sad.

The moral of this story is that brothers are the best jerks in the world. I highly recommend picking one up if you haven't already.


    It's nice to see a good natured prank for a change.

      I was just thinking the same thing.

      Too many pranks these days just involve inflicting pain/being intentionally cruel without actually being clever. It was a nice change.

    That was mean (in a good way!). Hehe almost had tears from laughing so hard!

    Was this article posted on Kotaku a week+ ago or am i going cray cray? Good video anyways =)

    Can't get more hits than your co-worker? Report an article!

    Why the hell is this top of the page when it is 3 weeks old?

    No clue why this was posted again, but I'm not complaining since I missed it last time!
    Don't know why people are complaining about a funny article being reposted in the first place...

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