Do You Have A Good Idea For A New Gex, Anachronox Or Fear Effect?

Do You Have A Good Idea For A New Gex, Anachronox Or Fear Effect?

Briefly: If you have a good idea for a new Gex, Anachronox, or Fear Effect, now’s the time to dust it off. As part of its Collective program, Square Enix is allowing developers to pitch new takes on games and franchises the publisher isn’t working on.


  • I remember gex being pretty bad and struggling in to run on my 486. I couldn’t imagine how a mundane knock-off-ish character could ever be anything decent with no solid worth remembering past and minimal fan base.

    I guess they could turn it into a third person jrpg with first person shooter elements?! Gex could also start each level dead as a plot twist. Collectable turnips could also be nice.

    • The original Gex game wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either. A fairly uninspired and average 2D platformer, but it didn’t really do a lot wrong.

      I never played the 3D sequel but from what I hear about it, it’s pretty bad.

  • Sadly a new Fear Effect would get torn to shreds in today’s gaming climate, either for being too much like its old self or not enough.

  • Gex as i remember it (from many years ago) was a lizard Austin Powers who played through tvtropes, one genre at a time. Since the few good tv shows on rarely play tropes strait, either subverting or ignoring convention, the growing staleness of video game genres and internet cliches could something to poke a stick at. As long as its funny and not some “Movie” movie BS, good parody is smart not just repeating something louder with slapstick and farts.

    Either that or lel zombies amiright?

  • Someone posted a thing on Twitter the other day about Gex’s back story and I could not stop laughing about it;

    Gex and his family live in Maui, Hawaii. His mother raised him and his three younger siblings while their father worked for NASA. Gex’s hobbies include spending time with his friends, surfing, playing the ukulele, and throwing poi parties. One day, Gex’s mother gets a phone call from NASA, explaining that Gex’s father and ten human volunteers died when their rocket exploded on the launch pad (according to the manual, the explosion was caused by a Band-Aid floating in one of the fuel tanks).

    Soon, the gecko family’s carefree life is shattered when Gex bottles up his emotions and takes refuge in front of the television to get over the tragedy, only to become obsessed. Three weeks later, he becomes an addict to TV. After several unsuccessful attempts to get Gex to stop watching TV and consulting with a minister and friends at work, Gex’s mother decides it is time for a change. The gecko family moves to Encino, California, Gex’s TV is taken away, and he flees from home. After several months of living on the streets, Gex inherits an enormous amount of money, and he moves back to Maui to live in a mansion, and buys the world’s largest TV.

  • Anachronox was amazing! It has aged poorly but I would love to delve back into that world with some better graphics! If they do ever reboot or continue it, they better have PAL-18!

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