Internet Browsers, Personified

Internet Browsers, Personified

Internet Explorer looks shy, which makes sense if you think about all the rejection he has to face everyday. Poor guy.

These gijinka-style browser-tan personifications were all done by Deviantart's ROSEL-D, who, as you can see here, likes to draw these from time to time. They are all fairly low-key — especially when you compare them with other -tan characters, like, say, that magical girl personification of Internet Explorer, or the personification art of Jon Lock.

Here's the five browser-tan in all their glory. In case you can't tell, from top to bottom, they are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

Internet Browsers, Personified

In an earlier piece, ROSEL-D imagines the five browser-tan as the cast of an anime:

Internet Browsers, Personified

That would be an interesting watch. Head over to ROSEL-D's Deviantart gallery for more.


    Shouldn't IE be drooling and chewing on its symbol?

    Also need a marker for Netscape Navigator's grave.

      Nah, I see IE as the socially awkward guy desperately asking everyone to be his friend...

      disappointed, was experiencing to see IE as a fat slob.

    Is it sad that I would completely watch that anime?

    Where's Lynx, the cute little highschool girl with the walking cane, seeing eye dog and funny black glasses?

      A decade ago, I worked for a company and made reports on web site accessibility for the visually impaired. Lynx was pretty good back then for those users and their screen readers. Also, since I am so old, I remember downing pictures using Lynx on Linux and well, i couldn't see them until they transferred.

        I did a course in Brisbane once, working with a blind gentleman. That taught me the absolute importance Lynx and other similair browsers have for sight impaired people. It was amazing watching this man navigate the net like I do, just using a brail pad. Even funnier for me, I never considered it at all, his home setup, didn't even have a monitor. I know a lot of people will go 'DUH!' but consider that... the entire internet coming at you through a tiny brail pad...

          It's still an important and current issue:

          Reading the comments section of that article is very painful. Part of that is just ignorance. Yet, it shouldn't be. We've had significant advancements in web brower technology in the last decade and things such as Flash, DHTML etc are hard to handle for specialised browsers.

    There's like 500 versions of these characters (a lot of them aren't safe for work). It's actually a normal thing to personify programs or items into people. Or animals into humans. Or humans into Sonic OCs.

    None of them seem to have different personalities at all. They all look the same with different coloured hair.

      Eh, you just haven't watched enough anime. The personality tropes are pretty clear from the character designs. IE is nervous and earnest, he wants your approval. Firefox is cool and confident, and wants you to chase him. Chrome is reserved and somewhat strict, and cares more about being correct than anything else. Opera is independent, yet sensitive. She'll open up if you take your time with her. Safari is friendly and helpful, but will probably miss any hints you drop. There's nothing original about those characters, I'll freely concede, but that's the sort of thing you can pick up from watching enough highschool anime, or playing enough visual novels.

    You know there is most likely some weird hentai version of this, right?

    Chrome has an Akihiko vibe going on

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