Player Adds Holograms To World Of Warcraft 

Here is World of Warcraft's user interface, completely redone so that it looks more futuristic. It's damn cool.

Granted, having this "hologram" style displayed here by valkyrie s may not always be the most useful in battle, but still! I can already see this on the Oculus Rift.

If you're curious as to how this changes things, or what is displayed where in this set up... here's a screenshot that lays it all out. Click on the magnifying glass in the top left:

Player Adds Holograms To World of Warcraft

Part of it is in Chinese, because this was created by a Chinese player. If you'd like to check out how it was done, or what to use to get this effect, you'll want to go here.


    Cool though this may be, functionality and clarity must be taken into account if you play tank or heals. Healing especially gives up some 20% of the screens real estate to a bunch of whack a mole targets.

    Might be alright for tanking these days but not for DPS or heals.

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