Remember This?

Sometimes I really need to stop and remind myself how spectacularly insane it is that you guys and girls are able to guess what these video games are from the screenshots I post. Mind blown. Congrats to Zar. Yesterday's game was Bionic Commando, the original. Not the super amazing remake on PS3 and Xbox 360.

On that note: how good was Bionic Commando: Rearmed. Such an amazing game.

Anyway, good luck with today's effort. Not that you'll need it.


    Phantasy Star?

      Came in here to say that's the first one of these things I would have known and I didn't see it yesterday because I had the day off work. :(

      I spent so many hours playing that as a kid...

    looks like a Simpsons game

    The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare

    Getting a sierra / DOS vibe from this one...

    Maybe one of the leisure suit Larry games? Eh, that's not worth image searching during work hours...

      Did a search for visually similar images with the keywords sierra and dos.

      Only thing I found was a need to replay some old great games ;)



    Yep, definitely Phantasy Star on the Master System :)

      Agreed! :)

    Definitely Phantasy Star for master system. Remember renting this out and having no idea what was going on when I was young, probably led me into RPG's to begin with. Still remember the music that played in dungeons and battle.

    Damn, gone before I even remembered to remeber this :)
    First time I played Phantasy Star was on a game gear I think.

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