Remember This?

Well done to Casual Prolix who managed to guess yesterday's Remember This. Only took you guys about two minutes to correctly guess Phantasy Star. I guess it was kinda easy...

Good luck with today's effort!


    looks like super mario world

    so it's either the snes, GBA or another version

    bit before my time but im guessing Gauntlet

    Looks like Gameboy color maybe, Heroes of Might and Magic or something like that.
    Although if it was GBC, I'd expect it to be blurrier ;'P

    Harvest moon (or sim farm)

      I thought it might be harvest moon, but don't remember the lime-green.

    I saw that lime green on black and thought 'definitely a Spectrum game'...

    Until I remembered ZX games didn't include brown!

    So now I'm thinking an old DOS game? Maybe Goody, Summer Challenge, Tunneler, Monuments of Mars?

    Boulder dash? going with the dirt brown colour hehe

    Just a guess but kind of looks like Ultima 4. Could be Ultima 3.

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