Remember This?

Um, what?

How. How was that possible? How did Edenist guess yesterday's Remember This? I can't believe.

(It was Grand Theft Auto 2 btw.)

I'm making the call. Edenist's guess yesterday, I think, was the greatest Remember This guess of all time. I really went to town with that one. I really went all out. I had people in the comments telling me it was unfair it was so difficult.

But no. Edenist guessed it. I suppose it wasn't too hard.


Anyway, good luck with today's effort.


    I had no idea, but someone will be able to google it and get it.

      yeah Mark should really check google image search before posting it.

        I swear Google Image Search is getting more and more accurate by the day. That thing used to be pointless!

    That looks like one of those old 16 bit RPG's. One of the old Final Fantasies maybe.

    Dragon spirit?

      Hmm, thats strange, when i guessed this game, your post wasn't there, did your comment have to be moderated?

        Yeah, but i was thinking of a different game tbh, I'd say you get the win as you actually knew and your post went up pubicly first, grats! =]

    See Dad!?
    And you told me all those hours playing GTA on my PS1 as a kid were for nothing!

    Who's laughing now?!?!

    I have a feeling though, that eventually my tombstone is just going to have a picture of me with the words 'this is why we can't have nice things'.

    As for today's one, first thought was it reminded me of the undergound mining game in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. [I know it's not, the colours are wrong]. Man I had so much fun digging around for items down there!

      congrats bro, was a hell of a get.

      Hacker :)

    Dragon Spirit.

    Last edited 28/10/14 12:33 pm

      That was my next guess damn it! It was the very first game I played on a TurboGrafx emulator years and years ago!!!

      I knew it was something I should have known... Though I didn't really play it very much and it was such a long time ago. Good work.

      Last edited 28/10/14 12:39 pm

      took long enough for someone to reveal they Google image searched even went with the first image result link to post too :)

      lol, I think Mark should take a picture of his favourite game and make upload it privately somewhere.

      My thought was maybe Primal Rage, but well played to you.

    Not an RPG, it looks more like a shmup. Thunder Force II on the Mega Drive ???

    I have this on my Turbografx!
    Anyone else own one of these? I really should dig it out of the shed, I got the old Vectrex up and running on the weekend, it could use some retro company.

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