South Korea's Game Addiction Ads Are Terrible

South Korea's Game Addiction Ads Are Terrible

The South Korean government released a public service announcement that's about video game addiction. It pissed people off.

As noted by tipster Sang, the Ministry of Health and Welfare's original ad started airing in locales with big screens about two weeks back. The public service announcement asked viewers to answer "yes" or "no" to a series of questions — like whether or not you hear video game music when you're not playing, whether things look like video game characters, or whether you can distinguish between the real world and video games. In the ad, you can see the "yes" box being ticked.

Website Inven uploaded the original clip (minus sound).

The ad states that if you answer "yes" to any of these question, then you might be addicted to video games. Then, the following words flash on the screen: "Game Addiction: It destroys more than whatever you fantasize about."

Since the ad caused such a negative reaction (namely, the part where the guy throws punches at granny), the Korean government released a new version, minus grandma.

Too bad it couldn't edit out the stupid.

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    Well, I've put too many hours into Destiny over the last few months but I have never punched a granny in the face. Addiction under control obviously...

      Thats a sure fire way to tell. That will be how i judge my addiction from now on. Punched any grannys this month? Nope...good to go!

        Thank goodness it wasn't the drugs.

        Last edited 05/02/15 5:14 pm

    Wasnt interested in watching the video until I read that a granny gets wailed on. Was not disappointed.

    All I could think after seeing him beat up the grandma was this scene from friday after next. I don't think my brain works like a normal persons.

    O... M... G... So you mean my unquenchable thirst to feel the bones of old people crunch on the other end of my fists isn't my fault. What a relief it's just the videogames. Damn you videogames, damn you to hell!

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