Star Citizen Dogfighting Looks Damn Impressive

Star Citizen Dogfighting Looks Damn Impressive

Try not to get dizzy watching this multiplayer dogfight, which is a little easier said than done.

A few months back, space sim Star Citizen released its Arena Commander module, which lets players try out their ships in flight simulation and dogfight modes. YouTuber Gizimoo86 captured some highlights from his battles and they do a good job of showing what actual gameplay looks like right now in the in-development version of the crowdfunded PC title.


    *star citizen looks amazing.
    The whole game looks freaking insane. I can't wait for it's release.

    Looks great but i still cant get over the fact you have to buy the base game THEN pay more for each additional ship you want for real money.

    Dont understand the hype personally.

      I think you have the wrong idea, yes your first ship purchase comes with the base game and yes you can buy additional ships at present but it isn't the actual planned model for the game itself. The additional ship purchases at present are being used to source additional crowd funding. In the final game proper ships will be purchased in game using your credits.

        So its a pre-purchase pay to win?
        I assume that the ships you buy now are a hell of alot more powerful than the stock ship, and an equivalent ship in in-game currency will either cost real money (DLC) or alot of ingame currency?

        Sucks to be anyone who doesnt want to spend hundreds of dollars on extra ships.

          Again, not really the type of game that this is...

          I was initially very sceptical, like you I thought it was very P2W, but the vision that they have is that it's very much what you make of it.

          Sure I could buy a $350 exploration super cruiser right now, but actually I didn't want to, because I don't want to have to pay anyone in game to have enough crew to fly my ship,

          I guess what I'm getting at here is that bigger /= better

          For reference, the pilot in the video above is using a variant model of the starter ship (with a couple of lasers added) to take down opponents in much 'better' ships.

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          All ships you can buy now are able to be obtained in-game as well, they've been very clear on that from the start. The only thing you get for purchasing the ships now is lifetime insurance, the ships themselves are all available to be obtained normally otherwise.

          Every ship available through crowd funding is available in game.

            I may not have made myself clear.
            I understand that all the ships you can buy now for IRL money are available in-game for in-game currency. Never disputed that.

            What i am saying is that Person A buys the game and buys a high end ship (or any better than starter ship). Person B buys the game and nothing else.
            Both people launch the game on day 1 and Person B is immediately at a disadvantage because Person A paid money instead of earning the ship in game.
            Hence my concern.

            I am not sure how long it would take it earn the ships in-game, however i am sure its not a short amount of time. If you can get that high end ship quickly, my concerns are mostly alleviated.

            Also, insurance?!!?!?!?

              Insurance is the Eve model, your ship is insured for the hull value so in the event it's destroyed it can be replaced (provided there is stock available since production is based on the games resource economy).

              I couldn't tell you how long it will take to work up to a more powerful ship variant, that being said I can't find any fault with provided the people who are funding development with a leg up in the final game, the gap will close eventually anyway. There also is no such thing as "the best ship", only the top of a certain models range (Like a BMW 318i vs an M3). It's about having the right tool for the job at hand.

      Any ship you buy now can be earned in-game through playing, you don't even have to buy a ship to play the game when it releases.

      You buy the game and start Squadron 42(which is essentially a single player campaign) with no ship, no anything. You progress through that, fly the armies ships and do missions for them. Once you finish the campaign you earn your citizenship, they release you into the Persistent Universe (which is the online part) with all the money you have earned and you buy your first ship.

      The other scenario to this is you buy the base game, no ships, skip Squadron 42(You have a choice) and find other ways to earn yourself a ship, but you'll always have a loaner ship so your not flightless.

      that's not true at all. you EARN the ships ingame like just like eve

      Then it's not for you. That's cool.

      Wing Commander 2 was the first game I ever bought so I'm definitely into this.

      I don't think you get the model though. Maybe read up on it? Your presumptions aren't correct.

    Learning to use those thrusters is quite hard. Feels quite realistic and awesome when you can pull it off though!

      And utilising coupled and decoupled mode is another level. But yeah, it feels god damn good turning around on a dime and blasting away at your opponent.

        yeah, I guess I'm still used to the old "X-wing v Tie Fighter" Coupled flight modes, but the decoupled is where you can pick up some sweet kills shooting backwards...

      A throttle with individual controls for X,Y and Z thrusters is almost a must in my opinion, it really gives an edge.

    I can only image what this would be like to play with an Oculus Rift. Hopefully one day soon I get to find out.

    Bought into it about a month ago with just a simple Aurora LN, feels great to drift about in space. When the game releases I'm going to work my way to getting a Freelancer so that my wife and I can multi-crew it up in the galaxy. Very excited for the future of this game!

      Stuck with the wife in the vastness of space? With no one to hear you scream? That's courageous :D

    Wonder if the single player offline campaign will be worth the purchase in its own right? I'd love to get into the persistent universe stuff thereafter, but my slow internet won't let me (rural wireless).

    Mind you, I could give it a crack at 4AM when it's at its fastest I guess?

      from what I remember the single player campaign is meant to have around 50 missions so its in no way a small part, I would say go for it although, I am a little biased being quite invested in the game myself already.

        Good to know, I'm looking for an excuse... it looks awesome ...

    I haven't had a Windows PC for about 10 years (well not a dedicated one, lots of VM's) but I'm coming back because of this! Good Bye thousands of $$$, Hello Star Citizen Gaming Rig!!

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