Thanks Obama For The Anime Photoshops

Thanks Obama For The Anime Photoshops

You might know him as the President of the United States. Or maybe you know him as something else: The Commander in Chief… of Anime.

For a while now, it’s been a running gag online that President Obama is really into anime. Like really. Even in 2009, there were those online wondering whether or not the President, who does like Superman and Star Trek, watched Japanese animation. Then, a few years later in 2012, people were delighted to see that the Obama’s official Twitter was apparently following a 12-year-old anime girl.

Then in 2013, Twitter user Neontaster did a brilliant Madoka Magica Photoshop (see above), which spawned a series of Obama anime ‘shops.

Below, have a look at more anime Photoshops via Twitter and Tumblr from over the years.

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Thanks Obama!


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