A Simple Song Swap Makes The Mortal Kombat X TV Spot So Much Better

Video: While there will always be a fondness in my heart for the music of System of a Down, it does not belong in this television ad for Mortal Kombat X. Let's swap in something more appropriate.

There, much better. Now I'm ready to tear out some intestines.

YouTuber shagg187 (via Reddit) came up with the fix, though I'm sure many long-time Mortal Kombat fans were already humming the movie tune in their head while watching the original ad. It just makes sense.


    That was so much more awesome.

    what the hell were they thinking using system of a down when the movie theme matched so perfectly

    Second definitely works better. Probably needs a little editing though to fit it in a bit better, but yes, definitely better.

    I think the second video defies the whole point of the ad. You get all the mysterious build-up not knowing what's going on. If you know it's a MK ad in the first three notes, the hook is gone.

      I agree.
      Unfortunately the MK theme is NOT Guile's street fighter theme, and does not go with everything.

    It's amazing that all these years later, that track is still the best. No matter how much grittier the MK series becomes, THAT is the MK theme.

    Mortal Kombat OST is still one of the greatest soundtracks ever put together imo

      Agreed - still have this CD and also "More Kombat" a random compilation album of songs "inspired" by the first movie apparently lol - I have a hard time believing that but Sepultura's Chaos B.C. is rad nontheless.

    I don't think the action in the video was high paced enough for the mortal kombat song at all. SOAD suited it better, although I think it was chopped and mixed poorly.

    Personally I think "A Taste of Things to Come" would suit the suspenseful nature of the ad better


    Something from the Fallout 3 sound track would have sufficed.

    To be honest I don't like either of them. Although the second track fits much better.

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