Dude Plays Skyrim Theme On 24 Wine Glasses

Dude Plays Skyrim Theme on 24 Wine Glasses

And an office cooler water jug.

It's been almost three years since Skyrim's release, but fans are still finding cool new ways to show their love for the game. I'm just amazed that people would think to do this. I've never in my life thought to play a video game theme on wine glasses even though I've seen Miss Congeniality more times than I care to admit.

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    Missed the word 'theme' thought I was about to watch the worlds most entertaining 'lets play' video ever...

      Even better would have been Dude Plays Skyrim Theme On 24 Glasses of Wine

        Challenge accepted!!

    Actually its been more than 3 years since skyrim's release. It's been 3 years, 4 months.

    105,494,400 seconds
    1,758,240 minutes
    29,304 hours
    1221 days
    174 weeks and 3 days

    It's time for the next Elder Scrolls!

    Last edited 16/03/15 6:18 pm

    Skyrim is good by all means, but I guess we can agree that it is not 'as' good as what the trailer had us believe before its release. The trailer is pretty epic with destructible environment and an actually deadly dragon and stuff

    We can only hope for TES 6 to be of greatness... (why did Beth make TES Online again?)

    i knew if i went to his youtube page there would be something awesome.

    Darude Sandstorm.

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