GTA V Character Jokes About How Long It Took For Heists To Come Out

GTA V Character Jokes About How Long It Took for Heists to Come Out

"I know you've been complaining but you weren't ready. Now, maybe, just maybe you are."

Grand Theft Auto V was supposed to get online multiplayer co-op Heists soon after the PS3 and Xbox 360 release of the game's first iteration. Then a year later, Heists were still absent from the new-gen versions of Rockstar's hit. The co-op missions finally went live last night and players who started in on them got a snarky message from criminal mastermind Lester that seems to reference the real world cycle of grousing and complaint.

Things were rocky last night so we want to know: Have you been able to play through a Heist yet? What's your experience been like?


    Everytime I see someone else's customised GTA characters, the CJs, the V trios, etc I always get that 'Pfft, your guys look like shit. My guys look WAY better than that' feeling. Does anyone else do this??

    Are they going to do this joke about how long it's taken for GTA V to come out on PC?

      This does both:

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