In-Game Kickstarter Rewards Can Be... Distracting

In-Game Kickstarter Rewards Can Be... Distracting

Anyone who enjoyed isometric PC role-playing games like Baldur's Gate will undoubtedly love Pillars of Eternity, which has taken over my life for the past few days. It's really, really excellent.

It's also got some hilariously anomalous player-created names and messages, like the one you can see above. "I will either die by the wife or at my PC" is probably not canon to the world of Eora. "I do love real life too."

See, Obsidian's new RPG only exists because of a remarkably successful Kickstarter campaign they used to raise $US4 million back in 2012. As part of that campaign, the developers promised that anyone who donated over $US500 would get to customise their own in-game memorials, which are sprinkled throughout the forests and catacombs of Pillars. Backers with names like TEH-PANIZZER are memorialised forever in Pillars of Eternity.

So as you're walking through the Dyrwood, talking to NPCs and powering through quests, you might find messages like the one above. They can be a little... distracting. Those of you who like to role-play might not want to touch any of these memorials, as tempting as it may be.

I'll have more thoughts on Pillars of Eternity closer to Thursday, when it comes out. Rest assured it's stellar, Kickstarter silliness aside.


    If that is the price I pay for this game existing so be it. I did my part ;)

    I'll wait until someone creates a mod to remove all that stuff.

    They should have an option or something to toggle the memorials off, like 'immersive mode' or something.

    I'm with you tehnoodnub, it's lame and immersion destroying.

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