Watch Pillars Of Eternity's Feature-Length Documentary

The story of Pillars Of Eternity's development has passed into legend. Beginning life as a Kickstarter campaign, the game amassed more than $4 million which made it the highest funded video game in the site's history. Obsidian Entertainment has chronicled the whole story in an online documentary that you can purchase for under $2.

Road to Eternity charts the highs and lows of Pillars Of Eternity's development cycle, with meaty contributions from game director Josh Sawyer, lead programmer Adam Brennecke and CEO Feargus Urquhart. The first few minutes of the documentary can be seen above. The rest of the programme can be downloaded or streamed from Vimeo for $1.38.

Personally, I think Obsidian probably could have gifted this to its loyal fanbase for free, what with the $4,163,208 in funding and all. Nevertheless, $1.38 is a pretty sweet deal.

[Via Vimeo]


    These guys did a fantastic job creating this game, happy to chuck them a few extra dollars for this. Interesting story for sure.

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