Mad Max Will Arrive On September 1 for Xbox One, PS4, PC

Briefly: Solid Snake isn't the only one getting release dates today, as Warner Bros. and Avalanche Studios announced Mad Max will arrive on September 1 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions have apparently been cancelled.


    No PS3 love :(

      Yup, prepare to see more of that, its about that time to go next gen or upgrade your PC or miss new titles.

        So true. They have been throwing current gen consoles at cheap price, both PS4 and X1 have been hitting 3XX price point and it is a steal at that price.

        It's been more than a year since the new consoles came out, about time to start cutting off the old gens. Waste of development resources to port games to older console, not to mention ugly and bad performance too.

          As a pc elitist I get peeved when I am impacted by console limitations - even with some 'new gen' games.

    dis better be gud

      Pfft, of course it will be good!

      Name one time a new triple A IP has come out in recent months that wasn't a complete well made experience.

      Legit, I am starting to had new IP's...

    Solid Snake ? , step aside

      You heard it here from Kotaku first! Solid Snake is making a cameo in MGSV!

    Poor Mad Max... get in first and then have the MGS V date leak and steal all the press and the date also... I would be very surprised if this isn't either delayed a week or pulled forward (if they are ready), as to not clash with MGS.

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