Maybe This Thing Will Make PC Gaming On The Couch A Little Easier

Maybe This Thing Will Make PC Gaming On The Couch A Little Easier

The way we play PC games is changing. Between Steam’s Big Picture mode and the trend of living room computers, some people are soon going to run into a problem: how the hell do I play PC games on the couch?

There are options. Depending on what kind of game you’re playing, for example, you might only need a controller. Or you might have a laptop table handy you can rest stuff on. If you don’t, though, this Kickstarter for something called the Sofa Surfer isn’t the worst idea I’ve ever seen.

It’s basically a small table you rest on your lap, that also happens to be powered. So you can bring your fancy keyboard and mouse in from your office/study/bedroom. Or just go buy a fancy keyboard and mouse specifically for the couch, safe in the knowledge you’ve got somewhere practical to put them.

So long as the build quality is OK (there’s a functioning prototype in the video below), there’s another bonus to this: Most living room solutions for PC gaming require wireless peripherals, which aren’t to everyone’s liking (not to mention much of the best gear simply isn’t available in wireless flavours). Because this uses a cable, you can’t complain that your wireless keyboard and/or mouse is to blame for your deaths.


  • It’s already easy. Most people would use a keyboard and mouse for non gaming purposes anyway. So they’ve already been exposed to the devices in some form.

    I’m starting to believe that the notion that PC Gaming is some super hard club, with highly complex controls which prevents the average consumer from experiencing its games has simply been developed because journalists a long time ago created the idea and its stuck ever since.

    There seems to be this idea in the gaming media that people who play primarily on consoles must look at a keyboard and mouse and think “too hard!” So there are these constant calls for making PC gaming easier to access. The result of this is what created the whole “PC master race” and “concole peasants” thing.

    If the control scheme hasn’t changed in over 20 years it must be doing something right to remain that way. Maybe if the gaming media stopped perpetuating the idea that PC Gaming is more difficult than it is, we actually might not have these stupid rivalries.

    But then again, rivalries get clicks.

    • The point isn’t that it’s hard to use a mouse and keyboard, just that it’s hard to use one from the couch.

      • I tested a mouse on the armrest before I bought my couch. Leather is the ultimate mousepad.

      • This was only a problem until optical, wireless mice were invented.

        I’ve tried to use a PS2 ball mouse on my couch before, and it failed as expected. But that was 1997.

        This is another kickstarter that no one needs. If you’re actually struggling with this problem, get down to kmart and pick up a TV table or a stable table (remember those?).

        • You’d probably want that TOO, but this seems to help serve as an extension lead for your devices. If you’re on the couch, there’s every chance your tower’s too far away for your keyboard/mouse. That said… extension cables exist already for those, too.

          • I’m a fan of wired mice, but when it comes to the couch you should probably be looking at wireless options, there’s quite the selection!

  • There’s already an input device specialised for playing video games on a couch. It’s a controller. They’ve been getting better for over 20 years now.

  • I use wireless keyboard and logiteck m570 wireless track ball. Solves the issue of laser mouse not working on couch or and surface really.. was meant to be just for browsing and had a solid razor mouse pad and razor mamva for gaming.. turns out im so good with trackball now i use it for all gaming! Except fps but i prefer xbox control for them anyway.

  • The majority of my PC gaming will always been done in my nerd cave at my computer desk. I play more “casual” games on my HTPC with 360 contoller. I find sitting on a couch makes gaming “harder” in general. Sitting at my computer desk in my comfy chair has me in a better posture, gives me better reaction times and hurts my eyes less

    • I’m in a similar situation. I think I’ll always be in the study in front of my computer desk, it’s more comfortable to me that way. I have tried to set up a PC in the lounge to play on my TV but it’s becoming less socially accepted, especially in my household.
      If you’re a “family” person, it just doesn’t work until the kids are in bed, then your wife wants to watch her ” mykitchencelebritymeltdownfactor “. You know, I’d even really like to buy a steambox and the HTC VR thingy that’s happening…..I’d still set it up in the study because THAT is where I’m comfortable.

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