New Professor Layton And Yokai Watch 3 Will Be Announced Next Month

New Professor Layton and Yokai Watch 3 Will Be Announced Next Month

This April, Level-5 will holding its own expo in Japan and will announce a handful of new titles.

The event's official site lists the event outline, which includes Yokai Watch 3, Layton 7, and Fantasy Life 2. Level-5 will also detail future anime projects.

This sounds like big news all around. Yokai Watch has become incredibly popular in Japan, so a new entry isn't a surprise. It's always good to see a new Layton game, and the same can be said about a Fantasy Life sequel. The platforms have not been revealed, but smart money says 3DS.

That's pretty much all we know for now. The expo will be held on April 7 at Tokyo Dome City. Until then!


    Didn't Level-5 say the previous Professor Layton would be the last one?

      I think the new Layton game is supposed to be a mobile game with not much link it to the other games.

        yulp that's what I'd heard too. I think it was the last game to feature the Professor as the main character but I believe they've already done another mobile game with his sons or something as the main characters.

          It was enjoyable, but not a Professor Layton game, more a Sherlock Holmes game.

    Dear Layton; please be good again. I love you so.

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