Real-Life Five Nights At Freddy's Animatronic Is Not Cool, Man

This is messed up, man. Really messed up. Check out this monstrous recreation of the Five Nights at Freddy's mascot. Built by Dr.CreepyPasta, it's a real animatronic that can move and talk. Naturally, Freddy's voice is nightmare fuel.

It's perfect, in that "why the f**k would anyone make this" sort of way.

The Freddy can be programmed to say and do different things too:


    Step 1. Tell someone you need to get out of town for a while, and you need them to house-sit for you.
    Step 2. Operate Animatronic Freddy on a timer.
    Step 3. Film entire thing, for the lulz.
    Step 4. Return home to find former friend in a blubbering mess on the floor.
    Step 5. Dispose of all evidence, send condolences to family and make promise to occasionally visit said friend at the Asylum.

      Step 6. Remember you actually set it up in the other room.

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    I now the seem scary but listen to me guys they are not mean they won't hurt u everyone saids that but no they just look scary and are programed to say all the stuff but it's sad there stuck there everyday only to be free at night but they can never leave and they don't mean to scare u they want to play there like little kids they want to play they haven't seen anyone in so long and when they do see some one and they try to play people get scard. They never harmed anyone it was the workers who killed the kids inside there suits and it was the workers who stuffed the kids body's and there suits it wasn't the antirobotics it never was there harmless they just look and sound scary and all the things that say there evil it's not ture it was the workers who ruined there life now there stuck there Alone since 1987 no way leave and no way to tell they want out of there. We need to set there soles free don't u think? Why why would anyone want to be stuck there it's sad. Look up the song if this dosent touch ur heart look up "five nights at Freddy's theme song" plz we need to set there soles free and not be afraid of them

      Are you talking about the game or the real one. If you are talking about the game then....... you're a fucking moron,at night they kill anyone who isn't a animatronic.How do they do it you say? Well by shoving them into a spare suit. It doesn't matter if they were programmed that way or not,they are not harmless.

    Hmmm, not creepy enough.

    It needs motion tracking so the eyes and head can follow you.

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    I agree that this thing is all kinds of wrong, but even though yes, it's scary as crap, the costume and voice need some small tweaks, but not trying to hate, that things cool

    Not is scary but the Video game is!

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