Remember This?

Kind of surprised, but not really surprised that someone guessed yesterday's Remember This. Sure, it was stupidly vague, but this is you guys and girls we're talking about. It's to be expected.

So congrats to Astrogirl who was officially the first to correctly guess Gauntlet II. A handful of people mentioned the original Gauntlet — folks like Braaains — but Astrogirl was the first to officially pin it down. Nice job!

Good luck with today everyone!



      I saw the bubble and was like OMG TERRANIGMA!!!! then you already guessed... it made me sad.

        Apologies! I did pretty much the exact same thing - one of the best SNES games (which is no small achievement). I remember in high school that I hired it from the video shop so many times that if I had saved the money I spent I would have been able to afford to purchase it multiple times. Damn childhood impecuniousness.

          That first town is still one of my favourite RPG towns ever, the bubbles the music all crazy good imo

            I just really loved the way that the world kept changing as you progressed, first by areas being unlocked and then by technology changing them. Always something new and interesting around the corner. Great mechanics too, so you didn't get sick of the actual game.

      HAHA Yeah. One of my favourite games of all time !

      Hot diggity daffodil! I bet Mark was thinking "This will stump 'em!", but no. Four fucking minutes to guess it :p
      LOVED this game as a kid. One of my favourite RPGs of all time.
      Ironically, three games on that personal list have all been mentioned in this thread :p

    Legend of Zelda - A link between worlds

    Golden Sun

    It's not Secret of Mana from the Super Nintendo, is it?

    Terranigma! I was just playing this. It's the first village, the lake and you can see some crystal blue in the sky!

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