Someone Put House Of Cards And Netflix On A NES. It Looks Terrible.

Someone Put House Of Cards And Netflix On A NES. It Looks Terrible.

Netflix is set for release this month and I, for one, am pretty excited. Excited enough to find an NES, hack that thing and start watching House of Cards in the most brutally lo-fi way possible?

I guess I’m not quite that excited.

But two developers at Netflix have totally found a way to get Netflix running on the NES. During a Netflix hack-day two smart employees got the show up and running. Surprise surprise, it looks sort of terrible.

At the same time — how cool is it.

My favourite part is the menu system. It just looks properly retro, properly NES if that makes sense.

Amazing. But also really, really bad.

Via TechRadar


  • Oh my, that looks horrible.
    I thought they had actually got streaming working somehow for a minute there.

    BTW, are the comments down in number? I can’t even see the comments anymore without scrolling past “This is one of the fastest online Income Source” and “Shocking ingredients naturally remove unsightly moles.”

    • I don’t understand why they didn’t just add a fourth column for those shitty “Elsewhere on the web” articles below the comments. I also don’t understand why they have “Also on Kotaku” when there is another version of it already below the comments.

  • I wish there were way more details on this. Right now I’m thinking it’s just some crummy homebrew that doesn’t actually do anything Netflix does but kind of sort of looks like it.

  • “This is how we’re spending all that sweet cash from our Aussie customers, can’t wait for the end of this month!”

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