Surprise! Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Is Out Tomorrow (For Xbox/PC)

Surprise! Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Is Out Tomorrow (For Xbox/PC)

The first single-player downloadable content for Dragon Age: Inquisition is out tomorrow, BioWare announced today. Well, unless you’re on PlayStation. Then you’ll have to wait a while.

DLC pack #1 for Inquisition is called “Jaws of Hakkon”, which is likely named after a Dragon Age god named Hakkon Wintersbreath. It’s coming out tomorrow for Xbox One and PC. PlayStation 4, PS3 and 360 players will have to be patient, because EA and Microsoft have made some sort of deal and isn’t console exclusivity just great?


  • I am utterly furious about this exclusivity arrangement, who frigging does it for DLC? Seriously, if the game was out at the same time, you shouldn’t be able to tie up DLC with timed exclusivity.

    It doesn’t help that we’ll all be spoiled up the wazoo if we’re on PS4, PS3 or 360, because the Dragon Age fandom is literally the *worst* when it comes to not screeching about everything at the top of their lungs.

    So disgusted rn.

    • Whilst I agree with you renne, they needed to tie up something to offset the Bloodborne hype train so I can’t really blame them.

    • That’s happens so often…. just like how play station users still have way more content on destiny. I think it’s rubbish as well but hey, buyer beware. some versions are gimped becuase companies pay other companies money.

      • Yeah but it wasn’t suddenly announced 6 months after Destiny came out that PS consoles had more content, that was clear before the game was even released. You’re comparing apples with oranges. They might both be fruit but theyre not actually the same.

        • Perhaps…but at least the exclusivity deal won’t be going for 12 months. While I agree it was clear from the beginning it doesn’t change the fact that Xbox owners paid the same amount of money for Destiny and the DLC but got less content than PS owners.

          It sucks but at least when you bought inquisition you had the same game as Xbox owners and while you may have to wait a little longer (though again, I doubt it will be for as long as the wait on destiny) you will get the same content for the same price.

        • Well at least you will eventually get it. Destiny will never be the same on xbox and ps. Forever gimped

        • If they had announced this before the release of Dragon Age, would it have really made a difference to your purchase?

          Besides, maybe Bioware/EA know there’s no point releasing anything at the same time as Bloodborne?

          • Well, no, it wouldn’t have made a difference to my purchase, but yes, it would have made a difference to how I personally felt, because I value transparency instead of this “surprise! it’s being released tomorrow! but not for all of you people!” rubbish.

            I mean, as much as I’m pissed off about the Tomb Raider timed exclusivity deal for example, I’m still glad I knew about it well in advance of the game being released. I just don’t understand the point of it? It’s not going to sell more consoles. I’m not going to rush out, buy an Xbone, buy the game (again), smash through it (again) so I can get the DLC. I’m just going to add it as another strike against Microsoft.

            I guess I just don’t get the point of companies paying to piss off what you would hope they’d think of as potential future consumers.

            ETA: thinking about it, I guess they’d probably think of this as their selling point to future consumers – “we pay money to make life suck for other consoles! come play with us!” or something. Argh.

          • In the case of timed exclusive/exclusive, I’d say it’s more aimed at people who own both consoles, to encourage them to buy it on a specific console, and to make the console seem more appealing for those who haven’t purchased one yet.

            Looking at the image again, it actually looks to me like it might only be a timed exclusive for EA Access members, a program which Sony passed on, so maybe the hatred is directed at the wrong company this time?

            We evaluated the EA Access subscription offering and decided that it does not bring the kind of value PlayStation customers have come to expect.


          • Oh, I am quite happy to be pissed off at Sony too, but at the same time, $5 extra a month is a LOT given the EA stable of games.

          • I’ve gotta tell you… EA made no secret of this.

            They announced loudly, and quite often that EA access members would receive early access to all DLC and releasing games.
            That EA access is on bone and not on PS4 is a separate issue.

          • Okay yes, that might be the case but this is the first I’ve seen that at all, hence why I am upset. It might have been projected on the moon, but if I have clouds at night or don’t go outside I’m not going to know.

          • Well, no, it wouldn’t have made a difference to my purchase, but yes, it would have made a difference to how I personally felt

            Guess at which point in that sentence EA stopped listening to you.

  • I still haven’t finished it. Just started a nee game so by the time I have finished the DLC might be out for PS4 😀

    I can see though that it’ll be the consumer that loses out from all these ‘timed exclusives’ deals that will plague this generation of consoles. That’s always good, especially in the most exciting generation since the PS2

  • Hopefully it has more jump on rock 50 times collect flower go find treasure chest quests!!

      • Not me I tried to be bothered playing it yesterday when off sick… Got bored at the black loading screen after the taro card loading screen…. Alt + F4 played Icewind Dale instead.

      • Yeah it was found. There’s a hidden staircase in the Emprise De Lion (or whatever it’s called). It’s at the bottom.

          • I think there’s a unique helmet in there, but nothing as exciting as you’d expect, considering how hidden it was.

  • Seriously Xbone only for now? That sucks, I am currently playing through DA:I, by the time this comes out I’ll be onto something else, guess I should thank MS for saving me a few dollars

  • Thankfully I do own a PS4 but after 65 hours playing through the game I am still nowhere near completion. I think by the time I actually finish the game, it may be available to me.

  • You made my day, then you ruined my day. Why do you do this?

    I was thinking about when DLC would come out for it the other day, and then you say surprise and I got excited. Then it’s a PS4 exclusive for now. Damn you!

  • “Console exclusivity”

    Since when is PC console? Fuck off peasants. At least it’s not fucking Xbox One/Xbox 360 and/or PS3/PS4 exclusive.

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