You Can Finally Suspend Games On PS4 Now

You Can Finally Suspend Games On PS4 Now

Sony released a new firmware patch for the PS4 today, and with it, the suspend/resume feature promised way back in February of 2013 is finally here.

To use the feature once you’ve downloaded the 2.50 patch, first go into Settings -> Power Save Settings -> Set Functions Available In Rest Mode, then make sure you have “Keep Application Suspended” checked on. Then all you have to do is put your PS4 into rest mode while playing a game. When you turn the system back on, it will pick up where you left off.

(The patch comes with some other features, too — you can see a full list here.)

We’ve tested out a few games and the suspension feature seems to work well, although you can’t use it while playing online, for obvious reasons. Have you run into any problems? Let us know.


    • I’d be letting go of that dream for at least another year. Likely it will never happen though.

    • At best we might have had a software emulator, but they are unreliable to make every game work(look at the original PS3 model) so Sony decided to do that game rental streaming service, but of course it will never work properly in this country, because Australia

      • I wouldn’t even care if they omitted PS3, but there really isn’t any excuse (besides forcing users to use PS Now) not to create a PS1/PS2 emulator app. If someone can whip up an emulator for iPhone/Android, how hard can it be on PS4 framework with official support?

        • The thing with the emulators from third parties, it’s assumed the developer of the emulator takes no responsibility if the game has issues. If Sony were to do it, like they did with the original PS3 and certain PS1/2 titles failed to work(I can attest to the PS1,I own the second generation PS3) like it did, there becomes backlash. I also have a perfectly functional PSX and PSone(but I don’t have the travel monitor, sadly) however the PS4 for my PS2 failed. The only games I would go back to for my PS2 are FFXII (I don’t care what anyone says, the gambit system was a blessing in disguise for ATB plus the final boss fight is epic, better than most other FF titles) and gta:sa. I’d also run into issues, like my save files being on a memory card and my lacking a way to move that save data across.

  • The suspend feature works brilliantly and I love it.

    The PS4 also does not have the buzzing sound when suspended like the Xbone has.

  • So quick question regarding this – say I’m playing PS4 at night and I go to turn off overnight/throughout the next day, is it better to put in Rest mode or just turn off completely? Have to go through two menus to get the thing fully turned off, kinda feels like they want me to just always use Rest mode.

    • Better? Rest mode.
      Less electricity? Off.

      Rest mode is sleep mode on laptops/PCs. So, use it.

  • After the update, my PS4 has a different version of the suspend feature. It now won’t boot up at all. Thanks Sony!

    • Look up the recovery modes from holding the power button down or whatever it is. You can usually get it to recover that way.
      I also think as a last resort you can take the HDD out turn on, off reinsert and power on and get it to reinitialise.
      Though google it man, don’t quote my half instruction.

      • Yeah, I’ve been through all that, sadly. Recovery/safe mode won’t even boot up at all, and there appears to be no workaround. The consensus seems to be that sending it off to Sony is the only option. Cheers for the suggestions though. 🙂

        • That’s a shame. I am sorry there is nothing more I can suggest. I hope Sony are good about it. The one time I dealt with them on the phone they were awesome but I have heard bad things.

          Oh, to avoid loosing your stuff, I had a mob in Sydney ( ) fix my launch model PS3. They are cheaper and don’t wipe the HDD. If it is out of warranty see if they do PS4s now?

          • Sony were actually really awesome. It was well within warranty, so they’re paying for the postage, saying it’ll take about a fortnight from when I send it (pretty reasonable IMO), etc. I’ll lose all my installs and patches (which isn’t really a small thing with my ISP’s data limit), but my saves were cloud-based due to PS+ anyway so it could’ve been much worse.

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