Charming Roguelike FPS Bunker Punks On Preorder

The PC gamer in me is being TWANGED by the look of this lovely first person shooter/Revolution Management hybrid Bunker Punks, probably because it appears to be a bit Doom II but in roguelike form.

Developers Ninja Robot Dinosaur say that this shoot-and-loot will have randomly generated levels so no one game will be the same, with multiple characters to play: a sharpshooter, Molly Pop, Null Point, a heavily armoured force of nature, and a woman called Cleopatra Rex, which is sort of a cool name that floats my boat. I wonder if that's her with the eyepatch. I'm jealous of her skirt.

Charming Roguelike FPS Bunker Punks On Preorder

The idea is that you're a revolutionary, trying to high speed unload a clip into enemies whilst circle-strafing old school style. You grow your base by being a ruthless, efficient killer.

Also it is about sweet leather jackets as you can see in this dev screenshot:

Charming Roguelike FPS Bunker Punks On Preorder

You can level up and customise your weapons with pick ups, and you will also be able to purloin special abilities for your character. However: this game is about permadeath, so it's debatable how long those abilities will last each game.

It's coming to PC/Mac soon and you can preorder it if it takes your fancy. The preorder comes with the music, a zine, and some high res wallpapers. There's a charming devlog here on tumblr, but the official website is here.


    Don't know why I had the expectation, but that poster had me expecting some 16 bit goodness. But no, just more over used, minimal effort faux 8 bit to cringe at.

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