Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Coming Soon

Video: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, the fascinating PS4 adventure game announced back in 2012, will be out this (northern) summer, Sony says. New trailer above. This one looks pretty neat — it's developed by The Chinese Room, the game studio behind Dear Esther.


    Obviously this game is about empty rooms and swirly lights...

    I read the title as " Everyone's Going to Rapture" and got excited about a return to bioshock's rapture :(

      Me too :( also +1 sad face for finishing work early only to be locked out of your home with no keys and no one to let you in

      +1 here. I was all excited about another possible Bioshock game... Much sadness that it is not.

    I struggle with the point of trailers like this...
    1) Does not necessarily reflect in-game graphics as this could be rendered for visuals
    2) Tells me nothing about the story that the title of the game hadn't covered
    3) Gives no information regarding player perspective (i.e. first person, third person, HUD)
    4) Irritates me as I was excited to find out more about this game, but now I know 0% more.

    Am i alone?

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