Here’s Your Complete Theatrhythm: Dragon Quest Song List

Here’s Your Complete Theatrhythm: Dragon Quest Song List

We’ve already been able to rock out to two Theatrhythm games full of Final Fantasy tunes , so now it’s time to have one focusing on Square Enix’s other JRPG giant, Dragon Quest — complete with 65 tunes to show off.

*Note: Whenever possible I have linked to the original version of a given song. If that was not possible, I instead have linked to an orchestrated version.

Dragon Quest

Chateau Ladtorm (FMS)
Unknown World (FMS)
Dungeons (FMS)
Fight (BMS)
Finale (EMS)
Finale [Famicom Version] (FMS) {DLC}
Dragon King (BMS)

Dragon Quest II

Dead or Alive (BMS)
Love Song (FMS)
Distant Journey (FMS)
Deathfight (FMS)
Ocean Journey (FMS) {DLC}
Endless World (FMS)
My Road My Journey (EMS)
Fright in Dungeon (FMS)

Dragon Quest III

The Challenge!! (BMS)
Rondo (FMS) {DLC}
Into the Legend (EMS)
Heavenly Flight (FMS)
Pyramid (FMS)
Adventure (FMS)
Fighting Spirits (BMS)

Dragon Quest IV

Homeland (FMS)
The End (FMS)
Incarnation of Evil (BMS)
Cursed Towers (FMS)
Gypsy’s Dance (BMS)
Wagon Wheel’s March (FMS) {DLC}
Battle (BMS)

Dragon Quest V

Violent Enemies (BMS)
Toward the Horizon (FMS)
Almighty Boss Devil Is Challenged (BMS)
Satan (BMS)
Castle Trumpeter (FMS) {DLC}
Tower of Death (FMS)
Bridal Waltz (EMS)

Dragon Quest VI

Through the Fields (FMS)
In the Town (FMS)
Monsters (BMS)
Demon Combat (BMS)
Brave Fight (BMS)
Eternal Lullaby (EMS)

Dragon Quest VII

Slice a Path Through (BMS)
A Light Gait (FMS)
Triumphal Return and Epilogue (EMS)
Aboard Ship (FMS)
World of the Strong (BMS)
Orgo Demila (BMS)

Dragon Quest VIII

Raising the War Cry (BMS)
Fighting in the Sky (BMS)
At the Center of the Dark Road (FMS)
The Sky, the Sea, and the Earth (EMS)
To a Vast World (FMS)
Dormagus (BMS)

Dragon Quest IX

Tavern Polka (FMS)
Build-up to Victory (BMS)
Hills and Meadows (FMS)
Journey to the Star-Filled Skies (EMS)
Final Battle (BMS)
Confused Ambitions (BMS)

Dragon Quest X

Fight with the Spirit Most Evil (BMS)
Clashing Edges (BMS)
Racing Heart (FMS)
With All One’s Might (BMS)
Overture X (EMS)

Theatrhythm: Dragon Quest was released on March 26, 2015, in Japan. There is currently no word on a Western release.


  • No complaints here. I love dragon quest but a lot of the music didn’t do it for me. They’ve put the songs I wanted most in unlike in the Final Fantasy editions. So that’s a plus

  • Seems a little small, especially compared to FF Curtain Call. But, I do love me the DQVIII music, so, whatever.

    …Wait. Please tell me they’re gonna use the orchestrated version of DQVIII’s soundtrack.

    • To be fair, the first Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy game was pretty small, too. Wouldn’t be surprised if they came out with a Curtain Call: Dragon Quest if the sales are good.

      And if it’s given a Western release…

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