I'm Trevor Phillips Welcome To Jackass... I Mean, Grand Theft Auto V

If there was ever a character in Grand Theft Auto that belonged in Jackass, it would be Trevor Phillips.

I can't imagine CJ trying to eat a vomit omelette. I can't imagine Niko Bellic fighting Butterbean in a shopping mall. I can't imagine Tommy Vercetti skateboarding in a fatsuit.

I can image Trevor Phillips doing all of the above and more.

That's why the above video makes so much sense.

Also, I miss Jackass. Sure, it may have run its course but that show was great.


    Best character in a video game ever.

    That was cool. Trevor certainly has that 'I don't care about my physical safety' thing going on.

    That video was genius. And yeah...I miss Jackass. Back when it was new....damn, best thing on tv.

      The glory days with Jackass and the Osbournes.

    @markserrels You're right I wouldn't eat a vomit omelette.

    Last edited 30/04/15 12:59 pm

    Apparently if there is a fourth movie, they want to film in Australia.

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