'Jackie Chan' Translation Fails Are The Best Translation Fails

'Jackie Chan' Translation Fails Are the Best Translation Fails

Everybody knows Jackie Chan. He's a martial artist, an actor, a filmmaker, a singer and more. What he is not is a bus stop in Sichuan, China.

As noted by Austin Ramzy (via Eric Jou) on Twitter, the bus stop named "The University Jackie Chan Campus Station" is apparently a computerised translation fail.

The institution is Sichuan Normal University, which is the oldest teacher college (aka normal university) in the region.

'Jackie Chan' Translation Fails Are the Best Translation Fails

So, instead of "The University Jackie Chan Campus Station", which is a great bus stop name and which is totally wrong, it should mirror the correct Chinese written on the sign and read, "The Sichuan Normal University Duang Campus Station".

While you might think the sign looks Photoshopped, Chengdu Daily confirmed that it's a real mistake and reports that the goof will be replaced.

I hope the new sign reads "The University Sammo Hung Campus Station." As it should.


    For those wondering why the error occured in the first place, Jackie Chan's Chinese name is 成龙, which is universally known. Unfortunate that the I'm assuming suburb is named the same in Chinese.

    Last edited 04/04/15 10:55 pm

      Thank you, you provided more information in your comment then the whole article did.

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