New Japanese Beer Is Good For Your Skin. Apparently. 

New Japanese Beer Is Good For Your Skin. Apparently. 

Ah, to stay young. And get totally trashed at the same time. Who knew?

According to Japanese site Entabe, Suntory has rolled out a new low-malt beer called “Precious”. It’s currently only available in Hokkaido Prefecture (so, yes, this sounds like a test run). Each 350ml can of beer is 5 per cent alcohol but contains 2000mg of collagen. Some see collagen as effective agent for having healthy, younger-looking skin.

Suntory doesn’t make any anti-ageing claims with the beer, but rather, that this is simply a low-malt beer with collagen in it. As in the West, “collagen” is a buzz word in Japan for skincare. You can buy an array of products in Japan with collagen, and its anti-ageing meaning is largely implicit.

Picture: Maruvan596

In Japan, there’s even been soft candy and chewing gum with collagen.

Picture: やさしいバイオテクノロジー

However, in anti-wrinkle creams, the collagen is apparently too large to be easily absorbed. But Suntory says the collagen peptides in this beer are small enough to be absorbed by the body. Still, there supposedly isn’t enough solid research to back up substantial anti-ageing claims even for the smaller collagen peptides (more on WebMD and But many agree that collagen can be a good skin moisturiser. So rub this on your face? Only if you’re having a really good time.

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  • I drank ALOT of beer in Japan…. I felt amazing afterwards (the next day) The lack of a hangover while over there, was pretty great… I miss that place soo much, need to go back.

  • And beer is dehydrating which is bad for your skin, let alone the toxins that you excrete through your skin aswelp haha

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