Playing Half-Life 2: Update's Enhanced Intro

Playing Half-Life 2: Update's Enhanced Intro

It's one thing to see a hand-picked comparison video, it's another to sit down with the real thing ourselves, so I thought I'd fire up the fan-made (but Valve-endorsed) Half-Life 2: Update and see just how improved Valve's classic shooter really is.

If you're looking at character models and faces for big changes, you're looking in the wrong place; most of the progress here has been on things like lighting and backgrounds, which you immediately notice every time you see a reflection, window or even just the sun itself.


    Could have upped the poly count on the eye if you are going to start with a close-up.

    Neat, been thinking about another HL2 playthrough.

    Hmm, never finished HL2, always reached a point where I started to get motion sickness. Once that happened, I couldn't even look at the screen for more than a few seconds without feeling squeamish.

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