Remember This?

I thought I was on to a real winner yesterday, but then alphamone had to ruin it all by being super awesome. His guess was correct: yesterday's remember this was F-Zero X. I can't believe you managed to guess that!

Actually that's a lie: I can totally believe it. It's par for the course actually. You guys and girls are insane.


Good luck with today's effort!


    Some form of Simpsons game... or Toejam and Earl

    Last edited 02/04/15 12:30 pm

    At first I thought it was a landscape - grass and a sky....

    Now I'm thinking it might be a map...

    Honestly, I have no freaking idea, so I'll just say Final Fantasy II

    For some reason I'm getting a vibe that it's the original Mario Kart, but I'm probably wrong.

    It's reminding me of a Sierra game. Black Cauldron, perhaps?

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