True Bloodborne Gentlemen Have Naked Duels

Forget weapons and armour. Using any kind of equipment during a duel simply isn't classy enough. Either you go into battle wearing nothing at all or you're a disgrace to Yharnam.

No but seriously though: naked battles between players in Souls games is definitely a Thing, and I'm happy to report that players such as Kite Nordenskiold continue to keep the tradition alive. I'm particularly fascinated by how one even communicates that they're going to lay down their weapons and clothes for a good ol' fashioned fist fight — but Kite pulls it off, and the results are hilarious. Fast-forward to 2:45 if you simply want to watch the gentleman's duel.

Unfortunately actually killing someone without a weapon is incredibly difficult — so eventually, one of the combatants felt the only way to end the battle is via suicide. Regardless, it was an admirable effort which must be commended.

Those of you interested in pursuing noble duels such as these might want to start by testing the waters first. Do your opponents return gestures? Do they immediately launch into attacks? If not, try to slowly introduce the idea to them by being friendly, saying hi, bowing, and then taking your clothes off. Maybe it will work. Or maybe you'll just make it easier for your enemy to kill you. Turns out honour is kind of risky!

Bonus: a clip by Steven Ihde that shows why real gentlemen shouldn't gloat after a win either:

P.S. Yes, ladies can be gentlemen too. It's about the spirit of the thing, you see.


    I'm finding PVP to be rather lacking in Bloodborne. First problem is that character builds are rather limited. Second problem is that because of the amount of blood vials you can carry, a lot of battles result in getting a lucky hit, then watching them back off and heal. Third problem is that so many people just sit at the lantern to wait you out.

      Problem is with duels there should be no healing items. That is how I duel anyway. One cannot trust strangers though.

        There was a rule for Dark Souls 1 and 2 where neither opponent would heal until the other person did.

        Problem with Bloodborne is that you invade with 70% of max health and you could be fighting up to 3 hunters.

    Yes, ladies can be gentlemen too.Pedantically speaking, gentleman is a specifically male form of address so ladies cannot be gentlemen unless they gender identify as male. "Lady" itself is the female equivalent of gentleman but in recent times has taken on negative connotations when used on its own. (ie. Not as part of ladies and gentlemen) Gentlepersons or gentlefolk/s tends to be the commonly used gender neutral form.

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      Yep. Deep down we're all boys, even the girls. Paraphrased from North Square. When you're in the game, you do the business. The business is never not done. Hence...

    That is some low HP for a person that completed the game. I had 1.1k HP and 170-180 stamina when I hit NG+

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