Win! MORE Magic Duels In-Game Coins And Limited Edition Duel Decks

Welcome back to the Kotaku Magic Duels Challenge! As well this week's massive 2,500 coins in-game coins prize (that you an use to buy more cards and booster packs), we’ve also got 8 physical packs to give away for those who take part. Each pack includes Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed (worth $29.95) and the limited edition Duel Decks Anthology (worth $149.95). To be in the running, all you have to do is win Two-Headed Giant match. It’s that easy.

To claim your reward, simply post a comment in 100 words or less about your victory with your partner over on the Kotaku competition page — along with a screenshot. You’ll also need to link your Customer Service ID (CSID). You can find that by going to the Customer Service tab in Help & Options from the main menu. Terms and conditions on this week's competition page.

We'll have a third challenge later this week as well. And don't forget: you can join in by downloading Magic Duels from Steam or on consoles and mobiles through the Wizards of the Coast website.

Here's a three minute guide to multiplayer, deckbuilding and Magic Duels strategy:


    Oh man i totally forgot about these comps!!! Argh!

    Still waiting to find out who won the 500 Legion beta keys from last week...

      You should be in - You're one of the few that kept it below that damn 50 word limit

    The last Gizmodo comp with a word limit had two of three winners go way over, one even doubled it, and that has consistently happened for last 12 months at least so now everyone ignores the word limits and other such rules.

    Last edited 26/07/16 10:45 am

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