Winners! Magic Duels In-Game Coins And Limited Edition Duel Decks

Winners! Magic Duels In-Game Coins And Limited Edition Duel Decks

As you may recall, earlier this month we ran a competition for Magic Duels. Those who took part will already have in-game coins added to their accounts, but we have more to give away.

We have eight physical packs for the most committed players in the competition. Today we’re announcing the winners!

Congrats to…

1. Aethyr 2. Juststu82 3. Teamnerdlife 4. Pitakakariki 5. Theunknownblob 6. Juststu82 7. Heroic blanket 8. Zoefirstofhername

Each pack includes Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed (worth $29.95) and the limited edition Duel Decks Anthology (worth $149.95). Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone who entered! We’ll be in touch with the winners soon.

For those of you interested in playing, here’s a three minute guide to multiplayer, deckbuilding and Magic Duels strategy:


  • Thank you to Kotaku, @alexwalker for managing the comp and Wizards of the Coast for putting up the prizes and making a great game. I look forward to spending my coins on some new cards for my pc version and making a new couple of decks following that. Also keen to introduce my daughter to the physical game.

    • @alexwalker – if we have won previous (years ago) will you send to that address or email to get the new address? I realised I won something a long time ago when I lived at my old place and didn’t want the parcel to go to the wrong address.

  • Thanks so much for running this comp. You guys have really sucked me into this great game which will no doubt consume all of my time and money.

  • Awesome! Boyfriend’s jealous as hell, he entered as well but I’m the one who won =D

  • Oh wow, totally forgot that there was a physical reward chance as well. Thanks heaps!

  • Hey @alexwalker, I sent you an email last week about the prizes, and i havent heard back. Whats the best way to follow this up

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