Here’s A Three Minute Guide To Beating Magic Duels

Here’s A Three Minute Guide To Beating Magic Duels

Last week we published an introduction to the world of Magic: The Gathering via the handy primer that is Magic Duels. This week, we’ve got a new challenge for everyone to enjoy — and new prizes to win.

If you haven’t come across the world of Magic: The Gathering, or you’re looking for a little more complexity from a card game, we’ve got a three minute guide to help you get started in the world of digital Magic.

Once you’ve gotten started, the next step on your Magic Duels journey is progressing through the story mode. But once you’ve finished Gideon’s campaign, you’ll have to contend with the increased difficulty of the rest of the story mode.

There are a few difficult battles throughout, including a fight with the discarding nightmare that is Jace and the frustrating enchantments of Erebos’s Titan. But if you’re struggling, or just want an easy guide to dealing with the bosses of Magic Duels, we’ve put together a three minute walkthrough for you all. And if you want a chance to win some of the prizes we have on offer, you can download Magic Duels for free from Steam or other platforms via the Wizards of the Coast website.

Here’s a quick guide to beating the bosses of Magic Duels:

The Kotaku Magic Duels Challenge: Week 2

Now that you’ve gotten started, it’s time for our second challenge. We’ve got 1000 in-game coins up for offer this week, which you can use to buy more cards and booster packs that can power up your decks for solo or online play. All you have to do is win a game with a Planeswalker on the board. It’s that easy.

To claim your reward, post 100 words or less about your victory, along with a screenshot, in the comments below. You’ll also need to link your Customer Service ID (CSID). You can find that by going to the Customer Service tab in Help & Options from the main menu.

We’ll have another challenge next week as well. And don’t forget: you can join in by downloading Magic Duels from Steam or on consoles and mobiles through the Wizards of the Coast website.

More Prizes!

As well as the in-game coins, we’ve also got 8 physical packs to give away for those who take part. We’re specifically looking for entries that show dedication and or a little fun! Each of the prize packs includes:

Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed (worth $29.95) • Duel Decks Anthology (worth $149.95). This is a very limited edition product and has appreciated in value since release!

Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Here’s A Three Minute Guide To Beating Magic Duels



  • Drew Nahiri in my opening hand, and had her down on Turn 4, which was great. Kept the opponent’s board clear with burn spells, eventually using Nahiri’s -8 ability to drop a Boonweaver Giant onto the field equipped with Goblin War Paint to swing for lethal. Finishing on 20 life was an added bonus, and Nahiri (Harbinger of Giants) really proved her worth that game.

    CSID: 4ae31c5f1a4b902c

  • Having now played through all the story mode (thanks Kotaku for introducing me to this new addiction), i got the opportunity to play with a few Planeswalkers.
    This was probably the most ridiculous win i had. Sure… i could have ended it turns earlier, but nothing inflates my ego than defeating an AI by life a total difference of 145!!
    I love the combinations this game throws up. Had lots of token, health and draw card generators in this hand. That combines with Jace’s ability to put cards back into their owners hand. Loads of fun!!

    CSID: 0dbd706d764b52c6

  • @alexwalker Sorry to be a pain. I’m confused by the T&C for this one between last week and this weeks post. Are there eight packs per week or eight packs over the three weeks? Also, will they be announced along with the coin winners after each challenge/week or at the end of the three weeks? Cheers for your help. Stu.

    BTW – can someone clarify where I’m playing for this weeks challenge?

    • Hey @juststu82, i found i played a couple of Planeswalkers throughout the story mode (definitely in the Shadows Over Innistrad campaign). Im hoping this is the right place, cause i have not found a Planeswalker in any of the packs that i have opened so far.

    • It’s just eight packs for the entirety of the competition, and they’ll be announced at the end (since they’re chosen from all of the entries).

      • Thanks to you both. @alexwalker I didn’t think that Wizards would be giving away 24 anthologies. Stupid question in the end. Will the coins be announced at the end as well?

        @teamnerdlife, my copy keeps crashing now so that is a new issue. Was it still in the origins story or one of the other four?

  • I used “Sorin, Grim Nemesis” and “Nahiri, the Harbinger”. I filled my deck with single mana spells, so that I could increase Sorin’s loyalty without killing my opponent. Used Nahiri’s second ability to remove threats. I transformed Westvale Abbey (all those 1/1 creatures helped) into Ormendahl, Profane Prince, and used his lifelink to pump up my life total before I used Sorin’s final ability. Yes, that’s 63 4/4 Vampire Knight tokens with lifelink I’m attacking with.

    CSID: 6414 92b2 25dd eed1

  • @alexwalker – Sorry, me again. I did really well with week one but I’m playing through the stories and I’m yet to get to one with a planeswalker. Am I able to enter this one after Wednesday still? I’m a married parent with three kids so game time is limited so the extra time may actually let me see a planeswalker on my table if we can still enter after the week is out.

  • So, I kind of went above and beyond. This is against a Very Hard AI opponent on max difficulty.

    Two Planeswalkers in play, both of which have Ultimated once, a Kiora Emblem with her 3 8/8s, a Transformed Ormendhal, a whole bunch of Clue tokens, and a whole howlpack of Werewolves. My opponent is also on -207. As they say, there is no kill quite like overkill.

    CSID: 07a427cc638df091

  • The real battle was trying to get a win with a planeswalker on the table this week. I managed to get Nissa in my personal deck. Used reprisal to knock out the only large creature that was bothering me. I charged the final battle with Knights of Pilgrim with +1/+1 and a 4/4 elemental care of Nissa’s -3 ability. Nothing special but it kept me in the comp this week. Frankly, getting up at 6am tomorrow on my day off to my kids, I’m happy with a -2 win. Well done to the people with the big points though.

    CSID: 0718da772276144f

  • Managed to get Nahiri down on turn 4 to madness literally all of my spells. Last turn I -8 her searching my deck for Wolf of Devil’s Breach attacked with all using Ravenous Bloodseeker’s +2/-2 ability to madness in a fiery temper, killing one of my opponents available blockers and Wolf’s ability discarding heir of falkenrath to kill the other.

    CID: 7240 85e8 245d 318d

  • I recently got into magic playing with a few friends and I’m starting to realise how addictive it can be. I managed to get Sorin, Grim Nemesis on the board in the final campaign chapter. This was my second attempt to win with a planeswalker as I lost my first when 17 vampires summoned by Sorin were cleared by “descend upon the sinful” (nooooooo!). I almost lost Sorin twice to some runaway carriages (keeping a planeswalker alive is hard), but I managed to control the board in the end and win!

    CSID: 7ccf 16de 5e02 3f4a

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