DC Comics' New Superhero Show Is Basically The Justice Society

DC Comics' New Superhero Show Is Basically the Justice Society

The latest seasons of the Flash and Arrow TV series have been throwing new heroes like Firestorm, the Atom and others at viewers left and right. Now, a bunch of them are forming a team. It's not the Justice League, but it's damn close. More like a modern-day Justice Society?

Legends of Tomorrow will assemble this unlikely squad to combat the threat of immortal bad guy Vandal Savage and seems to promise a bunch of time-travel hijinx in the process. Given the enthusiastic response to the CW's two DC solo hero shows, Legends of Tomorrow could be another success waiting to happen.


    This looks so cool. It's like the creators just got the best parts of Arrow and the Flash, and just mashed them together.

    This looks pretty awesome, only complaint is I was never a fan of Caity Lotz's acting.

      Yes this, never been a fan of her in arrow :/

    I'm no DC expert, but does that Atom dude look like a cheap Iron Man to anyone else?

      Sort of. Up until now he's been the tech genius scientist guy trying to be a superhero with a power suit (with mixed results). It results in something that looks like Iron Man and the people making the show take advantage of that a little to do some cool Iron Man looking shots. Now they've brought his shrinking powers into the mix and teamed him up with a whole group of heroes he'll probably end up in his more traditional role which isn't that close to Iron Man.

      I'm liking what I've seen so far of this. It explains why they've been so into the idea of flying heroes lately. Looks like they used Firestorm and Atom in Flash/Arrow to get a handle on the tech, so they didn't have to go in blind with fresh tech and newbie budgets for Supergirl/Legends of Tomorrow. Smart thinking.
      I'm also liking the casting for Rip Hunter. Hopefully they get some Booster and Blue Beetle in the mix at some point too.

        I'd say Booster and Beetle are definitely on the cards if Rips there. It's a mid season show, so expect it to be 12 - 13 episodes. Hopefully 22 though.

        Did you catch when Doug Jones was on The Flash? Deathbolt? They mentioned he was nowhere near Central City when the reactor went up ;)

        Nah the Atom is more like Ant-Man as well haha technically he is like Iron man crossed with Ant-Man

      Well in the comics he's DCs answer to Ant-Man actually, well I say answer but I should say double since I don't know enough about comics to say who came first.

      So far on Arrow he's pretty much just been a poor man's iron man, based on this trailer it looks like he's now both.... That tiny transformation looked really poor, I'm worried they just don't have the CGI budget to pull this off.

        Atom came first in '40 (Golden Age) or "61 (Silver Age), while Ant-man was '62.

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      Yeah, but technically Atom was actually created first or not... or was... depends how we look at it I guess. Ergh. His first appearance was October 1961, Ironmans was actually 1959 but didn't get an actual series as per se... it's really bizarre. First appearance vs first series. I guess Ironman appeared first but Atom was the first to get his own comic series... ergh I've got a headache. It doesn't matter. Cut to nearly 60 years later, they're both here, on tv and film and we're better for it in both cases.

      He's not quite as OP as Ironman, he's only got the one suit, but he can shrink, and grow large. The whole ripping off thing has been done endlessly by both sides, one can argue Black Panther is a ripoff of Batman in his costume as well and go back and forth on Marvel and DC ripping each other off, because quite frankly in the Silver age, they did exactly that, ripped each other off blatantly.

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        Well technically Atom appeared first in 1940 in All American Comics.

        Golden Age's Atom Al Pratt was bumpin' the ladies before Tony was even a spec in his daddies eye.

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    This looks good, wonder when they will explore White Canary returning, last I remember she was 6 feet under, either the start of this new series, or in Season 4 of Arrow and if she gets the same tech her sister has.

    They didn't show much of Hawkgirl, guess that is more for a reveal.

      Yeah, shows her reviving in a Lazarus pit, so I'm guessing episode 1.

      Question is... will Detective Lance now chill the *bleep* out O_O

      They had her corpse just sitting around on a table under Verdant for a while... never showed them burying it or anything so she might pong a bit...

        they buried her on the episode after she died

    Sooooo... B-team Justice League teaming up with Doctor Who? :P

      Could be wrong but I think DC comics are a little older than Doctor Who?

      Correct me if i am haha

      This is worse than B-team Justice League... B-team Justice League is either Justice League Canada/America or Dark.

    would help if the atom wasnt so crap.

    Been loving flash but the atom just either has the wrong actor or is being written so cripplingly bad

      Yeah, I'm still undecided on Atom. I think it's the fact they stuck him in an Iron Man-esque suit which is far removed from the Atom we know from the comics. Heck, even the promo for this new show calls him "a billionaire with more tech than he knows what to do with" which is Iron Man, not the Atom.

      Yeah, they're getting into the shrinking thing now, but I think they needed to do that from the get-go.

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