Godzilla Stomps Out New Features On The PS4

Godzilla Stomps Out New Features On The PS4

The King of Monsters latest game is getting a much needed upgrade from his original Japanese release. See what’s evolved (with English subtitles) in the new trailer for the Godzilla’s game PS4 version.

Godzilla the game was released last year in Japan on the PS3. The game, while looking to be a wet dream for Godzilla fans, was somewhat lacking on the features front. The game offered a campaign mode with a branching “story” — the only real difference was the difficulty in stages — and a few frills. It felt very much a bare-bones release.

Now, with the upcoming Western release, Namco Bandai is offering pretty much the game that everyone wanted in the first place.

Check out the Japanese trailer below, with subtitles by Toshi Nakamura.

Godzilla is scheduled for release for the PS3 and PS4 on July 14th in the West. Titled Godzilla VS in Japan — because they kind of already used the Godzilla only title — the game will be released for the PS4 on July 16th.


  • The Japanese make really shit trailers.
    And why did they use the PS2 versions footage?

  • Is it bad that i want the 2000 Godzilla (or “Zilla” as the japanese call it) in this game just so i can beat the shit out of it 1000 times?

    • Man, that would be awesome.

      It was the best part of Godzilla: Final Wars for me, when the US Zilla turns up as the only CGI kaiju in the entire movie and Godzilla defeats it with a single flick of his tail.

      I’d play that over and over. Hopefully Godzilla has a teabag move.

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