Hell, Yes, I Want To Destroy Cities As Godzilla

Hell Yes, I Want to Destroy Cities as Godzilla

I still haven't seen the movie, thanks to Japan being one of the last areas to premiere Godzilla in theatres, but I hope it's even half as awesome as the monster lizard's latest upcoming game looks.

Slated for release in late 2014 from developer Bandai Namco, in Godzilla players will control the iconic unstoppable destructive force of nature as he rips his way through cities, because that's what he does. According to developers, the game will be a mission-based action game with a tactical element involving how buildings are utilized during your rampage.

On the visual side, the developers are apparently putting a lot into recreating the unique classic "tokusatsu" atmosphere, from the camera filters and angles, to the explosions having the look and feel of special effect pyrotechnics. Promotional visuals picked up by Weekly Famitsu also show the latest Hollywood version of Godzilla in the game.

While this isn't the first Godzilla game, it could be just what the doctor ordered. I managed to catch up with IDW Godzilla: Rulers of Earth comic artist and kaiju fan(atic) Matt Frank for his thoughts on the announcement of the new game. The rational voice on Hollywood Godzilla's supposed weight problem, Frank said, "I've been waiting for something like this for a LONG time. If they can strike that perfect balance between city-smashing catharsis and giant-monster smackdown ala the Pipeworks games, I'll be a happy camper."

Frank added, "I'm actually really looking forward to just smashing a city. The Generations games for Dreamcast kiiiinda' had that, but this just looks like a whole other level. There aren't many Godzilla games that truly make you feel powerful, and if you can just spend a level wrecking everything and crushing the military 'neath your mighty tread, that would be...just...just wonderful."

Frank went on to describe how the video and screenshots made him feel in his private areas, but nobody needs to hear about that.

Godzilla is scheduled for release on the PS3 in Japan in late 2014. No word on an international release, but here's hoping.

Hell Yes, I Want to Destroy Cities as Godzilla

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    For this to be an good representation of the movie it needs to have Godzilla only appear for 5% of the game and all of the fights to be cut short by cutaways to boring side characters.

      Have you really watched any of the old Godzilla films? Placing Godzilla in the background of boring and often crazy human characters was pretty common.

    I feel like playing War of the Monsters on PS2 again

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