Grandia II Is Being Remastered For Steam Release

Briefly: Classic RPG Grandia II is being remastered for Steam release. Chosen by fans via survey, the acclaimed GameArts role-playing game will be getting an HD touch-up from GungHo Online Entertainment based on the 2000 Dreamcast version. Grandia II was first released on PC back in 2002.


    Awesome, although I swear I remember playing the game at 1920x1080 by simply going into the options menu on the PC version...

      True, but resolution isn't the issue with running it on modern PC's. There're also the badly compressed video cutscenes that use an ancient codec that tends to crash on modern systems, ancient DRM that usually doesn't work right on newer PC's, iffy compatibility with 64-bit systems, etc. While you CAN get the original Grandia II to run on current PC's, and even look pretty good, it does take some doing, and even then it's pretty unstable and crash prone.

      A stable, updated version, with achievements, and (hopefully) cloud save support, requiring only that you hit "install"? Sign me up.

    Or if you have the PS1 version you could enhance it graphically using EPSXE or a variety of other PS1 emulators, but this is still pretty cool nonetheless =)

    So awesome, this game is a personal favorite! I can not wait for this to come to Steam :)

    Still remember the first time I cast explosion and the fuck yeah moment that happened.

    Right time to break out the ps2 and take a stroll down nostalgia way.

    I wonder if this means it will be coming to PS4 as well given how easy it is to port between the two now.

    I absolutely loved this game, must've finished it at least half a dozen times. Will definitely be keen on getting this.

    Strange I was just thinking about playing this again

    Here's hoping the FMV spell effects get the HD treatment too - the only disadvantage of playing the game as-is in HD these days is that the FMV looks pretty bad. To have the FMV in HD would add so, so much to the game.

    Grandia and Grandia II are my favourite JRPG's. Extremely underrated, IMO. Best battle system out there, and the music is amazing.

    This live version of the Theme of Grandia brings tears to my eyes:

    Awesome news. I've had issues with my PC disc copy of the game. Will definitely get this when it comes to Steam!


    Love Grandia 2, I gotta play G3 already. Yes I know it's not as good as 1 or 2, but I need to experience that awesome battle system again (that Child of Light unfortunately didn't provide).

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