GTA Player Snipes Invisible Cheater, Gets Revenge

GTA Player Snipes Invisible Cheater, Gets Revenge

Being invisible won’t save this GTA cheater from getting their head shot off. At first, things seem a little hopeless for player Hairy Hole, who is getting terrorised by an invisible player that is murdering anyone who gets in their way. But Hole decides to fight back, and after getting a sense of where the invisible player is, they manage to get an absurdly lucky shot against the cheater. It’s one of the most gratifying snipes I’ve ever seen.

The invisible jerk even has the gall to shit talk after he gets killed. Pro-tip: there is never a better time to take something with grace than after you get dunked on for cheating.

That said, as satisfying as it is to watch players dole out their own justice in GTA, I can’t help but feel for everyone that gets into impossible situations like this. PC players seem exasperated about the rampant cheating situation that has become so familiar to GTA players on console — and Rockstar seems to be doing nothing about it.


  • This why I hate PC Multiplayers – Hacks Hacks Hack. Gave up playing, CS:S, Dayz and Battlefield. Couldn’t have a good play session without being killed by some little shitty script/hack/glitch kiddy.

    • Ugh, Day Z’s the worst. Haven’t joined a single game in 3 months where multiple people using injectors or hacks. That game has been comprehensively screwed by it’s shitty players.

    • I was killed by Gta online hackers when I played on 360 as well.

      I have only seen 1 hacker in my hundreds of hours spent in BF4 on PC

      Some companies just don’t care once they have taken your 60 dollars.

    • Haven’t seen a hacker in BF4 or Hardline yet. Seen a lot of BS kills however, but that’s what BF is.

  • The only cheating they care about would be cheats that give you money as that would stop them selling you the same cheats for USD

  • Im guessing console cheating is the exclusive domain of the 360 and PS3 since both systems have been cracked open…. Is the PS4 still safe from cheaters?

  • I’ve been lucky enough not to encounter it yet. I would hope that with the footage shown, that they have sent it to Rockstar and that they can ban the cheater.

  • Have been in sessions with LOADS of cheaters / glitchers (played on PS3 for my first year, now on PS4 as of Christmas (present to myself)) at times. Generally report them to R* when I remember / can be bothered (most of the time I just switch sessions though – it’s not like R* seem to be paying much attention).

    People using the ‘passive mode glitch’ are the worst. C*cks, one and all. I play a lot of ‘Quick Jobs’ as well – the amount of times I’ve had to quit the lobby after getting dropped into one of those modded ‘1 Billion Rep points / 1 Billion Dollars’ ones is ridiculous. GTA online is still awesome, but would be so much MORE awesome without the cheater c*ckheads !

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