Here Is A Really Good Bloodborne Fight

Sit back, make yourself comfortable. Grab yourself a nice drink. Whisky, maybe? And then enjoy five minutes of some of the best that Bloodborne PVP has to offer.

Corps Peau Rate brings us an intense duel where two Bloodborne players go all out in terms of weapons, tactics, moves and intensity. It's probably the best Bloodborne fight I've seen yet. Best of all, both of the players are utter gentlemen about their fight to the death. Good show, fellas.


    Too low stamina there for mr kirkhammer. If he had more he could have win easily since he was able to stun lock and just not enough to land the killing blow.

    My stamina is as high as my health and my health is more than his :P

    At first I found the pop-up text obnoxious (especially the doge crap, urgh) but I must admit I lost it at "Enlarge your Tonitrus"

    Also uhhh... good fight I guess?

    Amazing fight! I'd pay money to view these fights.

    I'm afraid to say I think I could have smashed them both with my pimp cane arcane/skill build. A lot of that seemed like pointless dodging and jockeying for position.

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      The reach on a transformed cane is insane. What do you pair it with?

        I use the blunderbus and have the dual blades for close quarters fighting. Also yes, the pimp cane is insane all round tbh. There are a few difficult bosses that I managed to stun lock early on in the game by having a high skill level before I started putting points into other stats. Made it rather easy at times.

    Seeing a hunter standing there and waiting for me to finish a skirmish with mooks scares me more than a hunter that just jumps in without warning, because generally it means they are good enough to pose a serious threat.

    My PVP skills are not super (I tend to get caught on terrain a bit) but I do enjoy it. I rock a Chikage build similar to the dude that won the fight in the clip. I groan every time I see an opponent in a Cainhurst outfit because it generally means that the blood defence is quite high, negating my pumped up Bloodtinge and Evelyn spam.

      Is the Cainhurst outfit giving the guys dodge move that cloud of smoke effect with high Bloodtinge?

        No, that's the Old Hunters Bone (an arcane item). The Cainhurst outfit gives great physical and blood defence. The Knight's outfit (also from Cainhurst) gives the best blood defence in the game. My build is predicated on blood attacks.

          Ah ok cheers. I do have the Old Hunters Bone but never used it once. TBH I platinumed the game on the weekend and won't be back for a good while.

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