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Since the release of FromSoftware's Demon's Souls in 2009, it and its spiritual successors — the Dark Souls trilogy and Bloodborne — have acquired reputations that are both built on the games themselves and players' responses to them. Demon's Souls and its descendants are as dependent upon their mechanics, level design, and art direction for effect as they are upon narrative obfuscation, and audiences have happily engaged this by spending years picking at details to assemble interpretive webs.


The practice of decorating graduation caps is often seen as a rite of passage for incoming graduates of universities and (now, increasingly) high schools in the US. Students often spend months contemplating what they will include on their graduation caps on graduation day.

This year, many chose to adorn their caps with inspiring quotes, memes and song lyrics. Others chose to incorporate elements from games that they love or find inspiring. Here are some of the stand-out gamer grad caps from this year's graduating class.


When Bloodborne first launched, players quickly discovered a door at the end of the bridge behind the Cleric Beast. There's no way to open the door, but the alpha version of Bloodborne shipped with a prompt telling users they could only open it from one side.

So, what's behind the door?


Aussie developer and From Software fan Lance McDonald has had a ball of a time messing around with alpha versions of Bloodborne. So far, he's recovered deleted NPCs, brought cut enemies back to life, and scoured areas of Yharnam that were closed entirely.

And just like a set of steak knives, of course there's more.