Bloodborne Snubbed In Sony Poll, Fans Accept Life Of Misery

Bloodborne Snubbed In Sony Poll, Fans Accept Life Of Misery

Sony has once again rubbed fans the wrong way with a new poll on the best PlayStation games, which just so happened to completely snub FromSoftware’s iconic Bloodborne title entirely. 

The poll was posted to X last week, asking fans which PlayStation title “reigns supreme,” with games like God of War, The Last of Us Part 1, and Death Stranding making the list of contenders among others. So far, each poll in the knockout-style competition has almost thirty thousand votes, with Ghost of Tsushima and the 2018 God of War leading in decisive victories against their opponents in the first round. However, users were quick to note that Bloodborne was left off the list, with the replies section inundated with disappointed fans.

“Y’all kept Bloodborne off the list because y’all knew [it] would WASH the whole list,” one user wrote, with another replying: “Bloodborne, poll closed. Now go there and make the remake.” Other users suggested that Sony had “forgot[ten] their history,” given the sheer amount of PS5 games on the list, with three Spider-Man titles making it into the running and titles from earlier PlayStation eras seemingly not making the cut. 

Bloodborne has a massive fanbase behind it, with the discussion spilling over onto Reddit. Many users suggested it wasn’t included because it would win hands down, with one poster saying Sony “fear[ed] the old blood.” 

FromSoftware’s beloved 2015 title holds a special place in the hearts of many Soulslike fans, who have been crying out for a remake for years (especially in the wake of The Last of Us Part II receiving a remaster less than four years post-launch). Recently, Dark Souls, Elden Ring, and Bloodborne director Hidetaka Miyazaki said FromSoftware “simply don’t own the IP” for the game anymore, and therefore can’t speak on its future. Sony, on the other hand, does own the IP, but has been notably silent about the game for years despite its fanbase and legacy.

It looks like Bloodborne didn’t make the cut this time, and it’s not clear whether Sony will ever acknowledge the game again – although fans are holding out hope that one day it’ll make its way out of the proverbial vaults, perhaps in the form of a bombshell announcement to accompany a new generation of PlayStation consoles. Whatever the case may be, it looks like the game probably would have wiped the floor with its competition if X comments are anything to go by, which is a win in the hearts of fans, even if not an official one.

Image: FromSoftware

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